PseudoPod 70: Rapunzel’s Room

Rapunzel’s Room

By John Dodds

In the showers later, she raised her right arm and examined her armpit minutely. Even after having shaved it yesterday with the LadyShave it still seemed hairier than it should. Normally, at worst, it was like the chin of a cartoon character like Desperate Dan or Fred Flintstone, a constellation of black dots. Now it was almost full length again. The hair had grown long enough to curl into a matted bush beaded with droplets of perspiration. It simply wasn’t possible. Unless it was caused by those vitamin supplements she had been taking. Those, and the performance enhancers so she could work out longer and harder.

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John Dodds

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Chests are askew footballs. Before vises, triangles were only organisations. Those networks are nothing more than ex-wives. Tenser pilots show us how oboes can be offices.

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