PseudoPod 042: Full Moon Over 1600

Full Moon Over 1600

by Christopher Michael Cummings

Suddenly someone shoves a baby at him for a photo op; reflexively, the President hauls the chubby little kid into the air, making a funny face at him. The baby’s eyes flash amber in the morning light as he coos, then clamps down on the President’s nose with a mouthful of gums and two tiny front teeth. The President curses inside as he chuckles for the cameras.

Today: The President huddles in the Cabinet Room with his inner circle and a strange sensation crawls down his nose into his throat; his nostrils flare as he tries to fight it off and focus on the conversation in the room.

About the Author

Christopher Michael Cummings

Execute above the line with a goal to create a better customer experience. Targeting bleeding edge with a goal to create a better customer experience. Consider growth hacking and then create synergy.

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About the Narrator

Rick Stringer

Rick Stringer is from Variant Frequencies, a monthly podcast of original fiction. Stories blending gothic horror with space adventure, dark fantasy with sci-fi, recalling the reality-bending vibes of The Twilight Zone, and offering something wholly unique that fits in between and outside. Their podcasts are fully produced, including talented voice actors and original music scores. Subscription is free. Entertainment and escapism are guaranteed.

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