Pseudopod 237: Lights

by Jack Westlake

Check out his blog at the link. “Lights” will be appearing soon in MURKY DEPTHS. magazine.

Read by Barry J. Northern.
host of our honored companion in the horror podcasting fray, CAST MACABRE.

“The city’s shadows deepen, darken. The sky turns a thicker shade of grey, and then to black. The moon glows behind a cloud. I rest my head on the windowsill. Far away, two cats fight. A distant gunshot like a clapping of hands makes me snap my head up. I’m still not used to this.

And that’s when I notice the light on the other tower block.

My eyes widen. I stare. A red light blinks on, blinks off. Blinks on, blinks off. I wonder what it is. This new thing – this variation in my evening – hypnotizes me.

I watch it for hours. Blinking on, blinking off, over and over.”

Music in the promo is “The Gift” by Joe Mieczkowski. Music by Music Alley.