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Pseudopod 228: Flash On The Borderlands VII – Tableaux & Displays

Three Flash Fictions of Still-Lives, Voyeurism and Exhibitions


(a regular “Night Gallery”, if you will…)


By Kirsty Logan

who is also co-editor of Fractured West.
Narrated by Rick Stringer of VARIANT FREQUENCIES.

“There was only one inner door, so the hunter opened it. He held his candle at arm’s length, but still could see nothing more than the foot of an ocean-sized bed. The hunter crawled across its length, disregarding the brief waft of mold from the blankets. He placed the candlestick on the squat table beside the bed and pulled the covers up over his body.”


By David Steffen

who founded and co-edits DIABOLICAL PLOTS. The text version of this story can be found at Brain Harvest.
Narrated by W. Ralph Walters of FREQUENCY OF FEAR.

“…they bring their straps and their knives and explore the frontiers of my body. They will find nothing.”


By Caroline Yoachim

This story appeared originally in Issue #42 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.
Narrated by Mur Lafferty who can also be found at The Murverse.

“‘Didn’t take long to find where it was coming from, and it was a bad thing. I wasn’t the only dead girl in the pageant. The new girl, the new dead girl, she was competition.”