Pseudopod 224: The Horror Of Their Deeds To View

By Lizanne Herd

The story can be read for free (after registration) in the forums of The Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, under its original title of “Offal”. The 52/25 challenge can be found on Facebook. (The podcast of same that Alasdair mentioned doesn’t seem to to be up anymore).

Read by Matt Weller.

“The door opens and we each press against the nearest wall. I lower my eyes. The police officer, the last one to be taken, had stood up and screamed at them, had taken a swipe at them, knocking one over. It hit the wall and made a sickening crunching noise, a crack in its shell, splat from several of its eyes smeared thick and brown as it slid to the floor. It took them only moments to turn on him. We all watched unblinking as new appendages, metallic and inscrutable, appeared from nowhere. They cut up the cop, perfect cubes of flesh, the blood filling the floor, the cracks, our clothing. The whole time they made those terrible clicking noises, swarming in on our faces and hands. Those cutting blades gliding over our flesh like a warning.

But not this time. They haven’t come for one of us. I’d thank God if I had a reason to believe in Him anymore. This is another drop. They make drops every few days. A pile of debris on the floor, garbage and scraps. And bodies.”