Pseudopod 164: Linda’s Appointment

By M.C. Norris

M.C. Norris is a bestselling author of six novels in dark speculative fiction, all traditionally published through Severed Press, in addition to numerous short stories. For a closer look at his brand of weird fiction, visit

Read by Cayenne Chris Conroy of Teknikal Diffikulties

Passing the hall, he heard a sigh emanate through their locked bedroom door. That was a good sign. It was an indication Linda was still breathing, at least, and probably still able to speak. The morning after an appointment, she was always so sore, so exhausted. Often, she’d sleep well into the afternoon. Sighs, coughs, little Linda-noises, they were the beacons that guided Lewis through a haze of uncertainty that filled those hours before she’d allow him to view the balance of her attributes.

Linda’s appointments were just part of the deal. She’d made that clear before they ever tied the knot. “They’ll come for me,” she’d told him, “from time to time.”