Pseudopod 117: Deep Red

By Floris M. Kleijne

Read by Ben Phillips

Blood matting her blonde hair, blood on her face, blood covering so much of
her it takes a moment to see she is naked. The dream gives me an eternity to
see her. Eyes wide open and shining, shining. And she grins. That grin has
never stopped haunting me. In the dream, I know what she’s done in the
bedroom. And I’ve never seen her happier, more exulted.

Deep Red envelopes her, emanates from her every visible pore. It’s like she
has taken a bath in perfume. The scent engulfs me, blurs my mind, until I
smell only that and see only her grin. Her lips part, and in the dream, she
speaks two words.

“Hey, baby…” she says, and in the calm and affectionate tone of her words,
the horror of the dream reaches an unbearable level.

Full text available here