Pseudopod 101: Homecoming

By B.J. West
Read by Leann Mabry

“How long’s it been?”

“Almost a year.” She dabbed her eyes on her sleeve. “Seems longer though. Gavin joined the Army just after we got married. They transferred him to Fort Hannah when things started heating up with the Indians.”

Missy continued plucking clothespins. “My daddy was in the Army. I think I saw him two weeks out of every year, usually at Christmas time. My momma said that sometimes she felt like a widow.” Selena nodded again without looking up. “You must really be looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.”

Selena only shrugged. Missy stopped and put her fists on her ample hips. “You don’t look too excited about it. What’s the matter?”

“I’m scared.”

“What for? He’s still your husband.”

“I’m scared he won’t come.”