PseudoPod 095: No Tomorrows

No Tomorrows

by Steve Cooper

Six months ago, it was all sugar and no shit. Six months ago, in a private Istanbul club called *Imshi*, I’d snorted coke out of the shallow belly button of an ex-Soviet farmer’s girl, reared on Georgian corn, marinated in Belorussian vodka, garnished in best Turkish blow. Say what you want about the Eastern Orthodox Church, the college of bishops really knows how to throw a party.

The fat commission on that job, though, was running low, and now I was in Leeds, in a filthy hole of a club called *Tiggers*, leaning back against the bar with a little plastic bottle of water and watching the crowd. The boys were thin hungry jackals and the girls were glittering, animated sausage-meat. The place was slaughterhouse-romantic.

I’d come to meet a man on borrowed time. Horton had been borrowing time since 1673, and I had come to loan him a little more.

About the Author

Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper is a programmer and wannabe author living in York.

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About the Narrator

Alasdair Stuart

When Alasdair Stuart is not hosting PseudoPod and Escape Pod, or running Escape Artists Inc., he’s professionally enthusiastic about genre fiction on the Internet at places like, Barnes & Noble, The Guardian, Uncanny Magazine, SciFi Now and his own blog, The Man of Words. He’s an ENie-nominated tabletop RPG writer for his work on Doctor Who: Adventures In Time And Space. His other RPG writing includes Star Trek, The Laundry Files, Primeval, Victoriana, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, N.E.W., Chill and most recently After The War, co-created with Jason Pitre. Basically he’s got a playbook for any variety of invasion you can name.
 He lives in the UK with the love of his life and their ever expanding herd of microphones. Follow him on Twitter as @AlasdairStuart, or at his blog, The Man of Words.Alternately, sign up for his weekly newsletter The Full Lid. A free weekly download of pop culture enthusiasm previous issues have included everything from ketchup recipes to the common ground shared by Frank Castle and The Passage’s Brad Wolgast.

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