Pseudopod 93: The Land of Reeds

By Patrick Samphire

Read by Cheyenne Wright

The dead, he had discovered, had mouths and could
speak, but they could not be heard.

Or, they could not be heard by the living: the dead
talked among themselves with voices of sand and dust.
Amenemhet did not wish to talk to the dead. A man who
has been murdered wishes to speak to those still
living, to lay testament before them, to give warning.

The dead, in their crowded voices, said that Re no
longer travelled through the underworld each night.
They said that his face was now no more than a ball of
fire in the sky. There were no more demons in the
underworld, no
Apep the serpent, no Amemet the
great devourer, no gates, no judges, no scales. There
was no Land of Reeds.