Pseudopod 88: The Guardian

By Michael Anthony

Read by Dani Cutler

She clutched the bag to her chest, felt the contents
poking against her breasts through the plastic. She
had been fortunate to find it, hidden in a
hollowed-out cabinet in a back room. The rest of the
store had long since been plundered. She swallowed a
ball of spit and crawled along the tile, worming
toward the back.

She heard yelling outside, the boys backtracking. She
crawled faster, her knees scraping against broken
glass. If they caught her they might not kill her, but
they’d do nasty things to her. The gangs had found her
sister once and had given her the Big Belly. A little
monster had squeezed out from between her legs,
wiggling and twitching for a few moments before going
limp. She remembered burying it, shuddering. The next
day she had buried her sister–

“Someone’s here!”