Pseudopod 84: The Sons of Carbon County

By Amanda Spikol

Read by Cheyenne Wright

It was truly a wretched sight. They walked, little more than
shambling, for it was the last thing that they possessed the will to
do. Eyes grim, fixed and hollow, almost lifeless, they still kept on.
Johnny Jones watched them go by, fetching up a silent prayer that
Bryn was inside, resting, and wouldn’t have to bear the sight of them.
His child was within her, so big these past few weeks, and he knew
seeing this might drive her into some kind of fit.

The mules tripped to a sullen halt and the cart behind them stopped.
At this, the slow procession came to life. One woman, thin hair tied
back with a strip of burlap, and one little boy missing three fingers
from his left hand, burst into tears. Weariness and exhaustion still
bleeding from their eyes, the other women clustered around her like
mother hens. The children only stood mutely by while the boy bawled
angrily at the sky. Johnny ran forward. He was strong, he should

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