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Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson has been published in Deathgrip and Exit Laughing and Surreal magazine.

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PseudoPod 73: Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ

Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ By Kevin Anderson Blood gathered in pools around the body as the afternoon sun gave it a sickly glimmer. I remember thinking how much the dark liquid really seemed to belong on the pavement. Like oil, transmission fluid or lizard-green coolant, the blood was at home on the asphalt. It’s amazing […]

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PseudoPod 36: Liberation

Liberation by Kevin Anderson It had the characteristics of a spider but looked more like some underwater creature – a mutated octopus or alien squid. The arachnid’s legs were thick like tentacles, splayed out on a chalky porcelain table. Pools of blood spotted the off-white surface and a pair of forceps lay next to the […]

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