PseudoPod 10th Anniversary Celebration


We’ve got big plans for our 10th Anniversary celebration. We’re teaming with Horror in Clay, numerous authors, and members of the online horror community to make our 10th Halloween something special.

Narrator Pay

In 2015, Pseudopod started paying authors rates to qualify for SFWA and HWA membership for original full length stories.  In 2016, we started paying authors these rates for all original stories. For 2017, we would like to start paying our narrators. As part of this campaign to raise funds, we’re going to be coming to the community and asking them to help out. But we’re not just going to come with our hands out. We’d also like to provide an anthology and a mug as donor rewards. This campaign will launch in the week before Halloween 2016.

Now live on Kickstarter:

PP Tower Lineart 500x273

Over the course of the campaign we’ll reveal details about the companion anthology. We have an essay for every day of the campaign from members of the community that have impacted and been impacted by Pseudopod.

Check out the campaign at:

Check out the Table of Contents. There are also story previews:

“Walk in Beauty” by Jim Bihyeh (an original Coyote Tale)

“Notes on the Writing of Horror: A Story” by Thomas Ligotti (reprint)

Backers will receive a tease of the cover art by Hugo Award winning artist Elizabeth Leggett.

Here’s a chart with the rewards for each backer level at a glance:pp-ks-backer-level-chart

We’re going to be sharing daily personal essays from members of the Escape Artists family including staff, narrators, and authors. Check out essays from:

Alex Hofelich

Ian Stuart

“I Will Tell the Audient Void: My History in Audio Horror” by Orrin Grey

Jon Padgett

“To Find Grace in Speaking Shadows” by Matt Wallace

“Telling Scary Stories” by A.C. Wise

Karen Bovenmyer

Sandra M. Odell

Mighty Mur Lafferty

Ben Phillips

Alice M. Phillips

Moaner T. Lawrence

Jonathan M. Chaffin

Chelsea Davis

Brian Lieberman

Victoria Winnick

Tad Callin

Tina Connolly

Rachael K. Jones

A Century of Horror

We started the showcase with Fritz Leiber’s “A Bit of the Dark World” as our 500th Episode. Over the next year we will be releasing a bonus story each month with a representative story from each decade of the 20th Century.