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PseudoPod 464: Fear

by Sandra Odell

“Who we are as a child defines who we will become as an adult, and never so much so as when we are afraid.”

“Fear” is a PseudoPod Original.

Sandra lives with her husband, sons, and cats in Washington state. Her work has appeared in such venues as Pseudopod, PodCastle, The Drabblecast, Crossed Genres, and Daily Science Fiction. She is currently hard at work plotting her second novel. Or world domination. Whichever comes first.

Your narrator – Patrick “The Voice” Bazile was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Patrick has voiced everything from PSA’s to major product brand commercials and movie trailers to documentaries. With a deep, commanding voice often referred to as “The Voice of God” Patrick demands attention.


“I hear something downstairs. Denny, you go down the basement and check the door. Make sure it’s locked tight.”

Dennell Baker clutched the doorframe beneath the latch until he could feel his pulse in his fingertips. “Sorry. What?”

The realtor in her sensible blue pantsuit and blued hair, what his mother used to call “old white lady church hair”, paused. “I wondered if we could go downstairs and –”

That’s what he’d thought she’d said. “No.”