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Pseudopod 409: Sideshow

by Catherine MacLeod

This story first appeared in John Joseph’s Adams’ WOMEN DESTROY HORROR, published this month by NIGHTMARE MAGAZINE.

CATHERINE MACLEOD lives and writes in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, where she also spends too much time watching “One Step Beyond” on YouTube. Her publications include short work on, and in On Spec, Black Static, and several anthologies, including Fearful Symmetries, Horror Library 4, The Living Dead 2, and Tesseracts 17. She’s waiting patiently for Joss Whedon’s “Drive” to be released on DVD and going into a corn maze is on her not-to-do list. Her new anthology CASSEROLE DIPLOMACY AND OTHER STORIES is an On Spec 25th anniversary retrospective, and contains her story “Foster Child.”

Your reader is Tatiana Gomberg a New York City based actress and audiobook narrator. She has performed Off and Off- Off Broadway as well as regionally and internationally. Her work in The Night of Nosferatu garnered her an NYIT award nomination for Best Featured Actress and her portrayal of a drone pilot in Hummingbirds earned her a Best Actress Nomination through the Planet Connections Awards. She also played leads in two seasons of classics at Theatre 1010 and toured the United States with TheatreworksUSA. You can hear her narration work on, tv, radio, and numerous podcasts and you can find out what she’s up to at her website.


“I said, ‘Is it true time has no meaning in the Labyrinth?’

‘Yes. Why?’

‘Because the tape is only four minutes long, but I’m sure my rape took longer.’

He nodded. ‘It did.’ He stared at nothing for a moment. ‘Where are your companions from that night?’

‘I don’t know.’ And it’s in their best interests not to be found. You can hear them laughing on the security tape, under the Minotaur’s grunts and the sound of tearing meat. Only one wall away, and they didn’t try to save me. Justin, Marcus, and Caroline just patched their handscreens into the camera and watched the whole thing.

Minos said, ‘Tell me what happened.’

I didn’t want to need him. I said, ‘You know.’

‘I saw. It’s not the same thing.’ ”