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PseudoPod 541: Tessa Told Me

by Rob Kotecki


Rob Kotecki

“Tessa Told Me” is a Pseudopod Original. “I always like to say that there’s nothing more terrifying than the human heart.”

ROB KOTECKI is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. His recent horror short, TILLY played at a number of major film festivals and won the Audience Award at the Brooklyn Horror Fest this past year. Later this year, Rob will publish UNCLE GRIMM’S GRAVEYARD RHYMES, a series of sick and twisted nursery rhymes for adults. He can be found on Medium and on Twitter, @arthousepunch. Feel free to visit his production company at Volatile Media.

This week’s reader – Makenzi Newman – is sixteen and lives in Louisiana. This is her second voice-acting job. Makenzi writes her own stories, though has yet to be published. She has another narration coming up on Cast of Wonders!

Info on Anders Manga’s album (they do our theme music!) can be found here.

“She decided to shut her phone off before she did even more damage to her self-respect and offered to play with the kid. Noah wagged his head.

“Tessa says no.”
“Who’s Tessa?”
“She’s nice. She likes you, but she thinks you should go home.”
“Well, too bad for Tessa.” But he merely shrugged and went back to the game.
“She says too bad for you.”
Imaginary friend. Fine. At least the kid’s quiet.”