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Pseudopod 439: Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes

by Marie Brennan.

Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes” was published in RUNNING WITH THE PACK (ed. Ekaterina Sedia), in 2010, and reprinted in MAD SCIENCE CAFE (ed. Deborah J. Ross) in 2013. “The story was directly inspired by a set of online essays written by Michael Briggs, husband of the urban fantasy author Patricia Briggs, in which he attempted to make silver bullets and discovered that it’s insanely hard to do.”

MARIE BRENNAN is an anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for material. She is currently misapplying her professors’ hard work to the Victorian adventure series THE MEMOIRS OF LADY TRENT. She is also the author of the doppelanger duology of WARRIOR AND WITCH, the urban fantasy LIES AND PROPHECY, the ONYX COURT historical fantasy series, and more than forty short stories. More information can be found on her website, Swan Tower. The third Memoir of Lady Trent, VOYAGE OF THE BASILISK, was just released in March, 2015.

Your reader this week – Amanda Fitzwater – is a human-suit wearing dragon from Christchurch, New Zealand. She attended the Clarion workshop at UCSD in 2014, and was recently awarded the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent 2015. She has stories either out now or coming soon in Scigentasy, The Future Fire, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. She twitters at @AJFitzwater

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This study seeks to establish a hierarchy of efficacy for various antipathetic materials and delivery mechanisms thereof as used in the extermination of lycanthropes. Pre-existing data on this issue consists solely of folkloric narratives and unsubstantiated anecdotes on Internet communities, neither of which are based upon suitable experimental trials. It is hoped that this study will be only the beginning of a proper body of scientific literature, which might be expanded to include hyena men, were-jaguars, and other therianthropes.”