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Pseudopod 344: The Pit

by Joe. R. Lansdale

“The Pit” originally appeared in THE BLACK LIZARD ANTHOLOGY OF CRIME FICTION (1987) (“and this was the original Black Lizard line, before it was owned by Random House”). Joe describes the story as “Alice In Wonderland meets Southern Gothic.”

JOE R. LANSDALE has written over thirty books, and numerous short stories. He has won a multitude of awards, including the Edgar for his novel THE BOTTOMS, and his novella BUBBA HO-TEP was made into the popular film starring Bruce Campbell. His current book is EDGE OF DARK WATER, and forthcoming in September is THE THICKET, both from Mulholland Books. Joe blogs here and you can also follow him on Facebook.

Your reader this week – John Bell – is the president, CEO, and Lord Emeritus of John Bell Creative, LLC. Need voices, writing, or production? Write If you like odd books (imagine Douglas Adams meets Timothy Leary) go get the audiobook version of THE BIG BLEEP. Coming soon, probably in August, another book voiced by yours truly: REVELATIONS. In the meantime, catch the laughs at Bell’s In The Batfry.


“Six months earlier they had captured him. Tonight Harry went into the pit. He and Big George, right after the bull terriers got through tearing the guts out of one another. When that was over, he and George would go down and do their business. The loser would stay there and be fed to the dogs, each of which had been starved for the occasion.

When the dogs finished eating, the loser’s head would go up on a pole. Already a dozen poles circled the pit. On each rested a head, or skull, depending on how long it had been exposed to the elements, ambitious pole-climbing ants and hungry birds. And of course how much flesh the terriers ripped off before it was erected.

Twelve poles. Twelve heads.

Tonight a new pole and a new head went up.”