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Pseudopod 292: Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You

by David J. Schow

“Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You” originally appeared in Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone Magazine in 1984 under the pseudonym “Oliver Lowenbruck.” It won the Dimension award in 1985. “Red Light” won the 1987 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction.

David J. Schow has been writing horror stories, novels, movies and commentary since the early 1980s – including novels THE KILL RIFF (1988), GUN WORK (2008) and his newest, INTERNECINE and HUNT AMONG THE KILLERS OF MEN (the latter under the pseudonym Gabriel Hunt (both 2010) and UPGUNNED (2012) (click links to order); films A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 5: THE DREAM CHILD, LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III (both 1989) and THE CROW (1994); edited seminal horror anthologies SILVER SCREAM (1988) and three volumes of THE LOST BLOCH (1999-2002); wrote the award-winning guide THE OUTER LIMITS COMPANION (1986/1998) and has provided many DVD audio commentaries to films such as the 2-disc release of THE DIRTY DOZEN, The complete DVD box set of the legendary horror anthology TV show THRILLER and an episode each season of MASTERS OF HORROR. His website is located at Black Leather Required.

Your reader this week is the Dave Robison of The Roundtable Podcast and occasional episodes of the TALES TO TERRIFY podcast.


“The Omicron reminded Jack of a kid’s bedroom. To an adult, a non-initiate, it sure looked like a trash heap. But there was a comforting order inside for those who cared to delve past the superficial. It would never appeal to the Rolls Royce trade, yet was not as bad as the kung-fu sleaze pits of downtown L.A. which looked razed by Mongols. The Omicron was, in essence, a “normal” theatre stripped down for combat; its patrons exemplars of the no-frills class.”