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We rely on donations to pay our authors, as well as to cover the cost of bandwidth and other overhead. Our goal is to increase sponsorships until the day we no longer need to ask for these, but until that glorious day your choices are:

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If you enjoy our show, please recommend us to other fans of audio fiction. You are our PR department! Blog about us. Link to or redistribute our sexy 1-minute promo mp3. Or, link to one of our banners:

If you want to advertise to an audience of several thousand horror fans, one of the best possible ways to do it is to sponsor programming on Pseudopod. If you like, you can even advertise locally, targeting limited geographical areas using Wizzard Media’s targeted ad insertion technology. For example, in October of 2008, people who downloaded our show in southern California got to hear about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

For current rates and more information, email us.

the pod’s foul seed via BitTorrent!

Our fans create, update, and seed torrents of past episodes, which we greatly appreciate since we currently lack suitable time and resources to handle this ourselves. There is one torrent that I know of on MiniNova. Please seed it if you can so it can spawn and be happy. Let me know ( if you create an updated one, and I will endeavor to link to it as well.

Do you know someone with an iron stomach and a talent for bringing to life what’s on the page, who can create high-quality voice recordings as digital audio files and upload them to a specified location by a specified deadline? We can always use more volunteer narrators to add variety to our sound. In particular at the moment, we’d like to do more justice to stories taking place in Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and many other places around the world. An interested potential narrator should drop a line to with a link to a dramatic reading of anything you like that involves dialogue between multiple characters in it somewhere.