Our Staff

Shawn Garrett

Shawn Garrett: Co-Editor

Shawn M. Garrett is the co-editor of PSEUDOPOD and either the dumbest smart man or the smartest dumb man you ever met. Thanks to a youth spent in the company of Richard Matheson, Vincent Price, Carl Kolchak & Jupiter Jones, he has pursued a life-long interest in the thrilling, the horrific and the mysterious – be it in print, film, art or audio. He has worked as a sewerage groundskeeper, audio transcription editor, pornography enabler, insurance letter writer – he was once paid by Marvel Comics to pastiche the voice of Stan Lee in promotional materials and he spends his days converting old pulp fiction into digital form for minimal pay. He now lives near the ocean in a small metal box and he hopes that becoming a Yuggothian brain-in-a-jar is a viable future, as there is NO WAY he will ever read all the books he has on his lists, or listen to all the music he wants to hear. Everything that he is he owes to his late sister Susan, a shining star in the pre-internet world of fan-fiction, who left this world unexpectedly in 2010.

Alex Hofelich

Alex Hofelich, Co-Editor

Alex Hofelich is Co-Editor of Pseudopod and pictured here at Trader Vic’s Atlanta. You can find him at tiki bars, local bookstores, microbreweries, and family-owned eateries. Like most tigers, Alex is made up of dragonflies and katydid, but mostly chewed-up little kids.

Moaner T. Lawrence

Moaner T. Lawrence, Assistant Editor

Moaner T. Lawrence is the Assistant Editor of Pseudopod. Listen to his Thanksgiving story “Bad Newes from New England.”  You can find his Twitter here.

Dagny Paul

Dagny Paul, Assistant Editor

Dagny Paul is a teacher, writer, failed artist, comic book geek, and assistant editor/occasional host of Pseudopod. She is guest editor for Pseudopod’s Artemis Rising 3 event in 2017. She lives in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana with her husband, son, and cat. Follow her on Twitter for no good reason. Listen to her stories “There is No Road Through the Woods” and “Standard Procedure

Alasdair Stuart

Alasdair Stuart, Host

Alasdair Stuart was briefly employed as a circus geek until an unfortunate mix-up involving a prize-winning fighting cock. Its owner had ties not only to the carnival, but also to the Russian mob, so now he writes supplements for role playing games, where he exercises his superpower to make you appreciate the Sixth Doctor. He has played for the national rugby team after defeating the monstrous four-horned sheep across his home island. He is the Supreme MugwumpKeeper of the Big Red Button. a regular contributor to Tor.com, and he owns a bunch of awesome podcasts.

Graeme Dunlop

Graeme Dunlop, Audio Producer and IT Barbarian

Graeme Dunlop is a construct of his own mind and thus extremely hard to grasp. He has no discernable skills and often wonders how he became co-editor of a respected fantasy podcast.

In alternate futures he is Muad’Dib, or a drunken bum living in a skip, or reincarnated as a dog, or living happily in the now.

He’s also a voice actor, with narrations for each of the Escape Artists podcasts.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his lovely wife Amanda. They have a crazy boy dog called Jake. They believe Jake may rival Jen’s dog for hairiness, but definitely not size.

Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis, Assistant Audio Producer and Associate Editor

Chelsea Davis is Audio Producer and Associate Editor at Pseudopod. She is a PhD candidate in English with a research focus on horror and the Gothic–meaning she gets to read, write about, and teach creeptastic stuff all the livelong day. She has also produced radio as a reporter and freelancer since 2006.

Brain Leiberman

Brian Lieberman, Community Manager and Associate Editor

Brian Lieberman is an associate editor of Pseudopod. By day, he’s a froody copywriter who always remembers his towel. By night, he practices foodcraft and slays demons with his friends. He lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife, a roommate, and a cat with no patience for his tomfoolery.

Tad Callin

Tad Callin, Associate Editor

Tad Callin has been a lot of things, but he is most proud of being a father and writer. His previous published work includes an urban fantasy story, “Silver,” published on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine podcast, and his self—published memoir, Tad’s Happy Funtime. One day, he hopes to return to the desert Southwest with his family, but for now, he enjoys living in Baltimore.

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell, Associate Editor

Scott Campbell searches for battles that will increase his skills for the battles to come.  The slush pile underneath Pseudopod Towers is a worthy opponent.  He also writes, directs, and performs for the queer (in every sense of the word) cabaret The Mickee Faust Club.  He also write far too infrequently at the official online home of the Sleep Deprivation Institute (and pop culture website) Needcoffee.com.  He lives in Florida with absolutely no pets.


Britany Hancock

Britany Hancock, Associate Editor

Britany Hancock is an associate editor at Pseudopod.

Adrian Howard

Adrian Howard, Associate Editor

Adrian Howard helps teams get better at delivering software products for a living. People don’t pay him to write bad fiction or run silly interactive micro-fiction experiments (but he does it anyway). Adrian spends his day vacillating wildly between Impostor Syndrome & the Dunning-Kruger effect while tweeting about drinking coffee. No matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight.

Austin Malone, Associate Editor

Austin Malone is a short-fiction author who lives in New Orleans, and is the coordinator of the Crescent City Critters writer’s group. Those who are curious about his work and would like to use their personal summoning-circle to conjure his presence for further discourse are urged to use vanilla-scented black candles and only top-shelf rum. Seriously. If you even think about using Bacardi he’ll rip your soul out through your nostrils. Just don’t. For those who would prefer to enjoy his words at a safe distance, he invites you to visit sippinghemlocktea.com


Otter, Associate Editor

Otter lives in Atlanta, GA. She works as a software engineer. Some day she will probably embed SETI on your thermostat and in your car assuming someone else doesn’t beat her to the punch. In the meantime, her hobbies include drinking and knowing things and making pop culture references. She also enjoys long walks after dark and seeking out Eldritch abominations in an alternate reality known as “pocket monsters”.

Jesse Scherer, Associate Editor

Jesse Scherer is an associate editor at Pseudopod. Professional curmudgeon, holistic detective, and cyborg. Acting at the fulcrum of cosmic horror and programing to save the world from bad design. Jesse prefers clear logic to decoration.


Victoria Winnick , Associate Editor
Victoria Winnick is a writer, editor, and chef, living in Calgary, Alberta. When she’s not doing one of those things, she’s usually making plans about the next time she can. In the past, she’s written educational books for children, and magazine articles on sex, culture, and music. She has been an Associate Editor with Pseudopod since the Aughts, and some of her favourite episodes are “The Greatest Adventure of All” by Ian McHugh, “Corps Cadavres” by Neil John Buchanan, “Venice Burning” by A.C. Wise, and “The Box Wife” by Emma Osborne. Her own submissions to the podcast can be heard as episode 467, “Doc” and part of episode 532: Flash On The Borderlands XXXVI: Artemis Rising Showcase “Us, Here”