Our Staff Alumni

An incomplete list of folks we’re proud to have served with us in one capacity or another over the last decade (we’ll add more as we continue to update the website):

Mur Lafferty, Founder and Editor

Mur Lafferty is an American podcaster and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. She is the host and creator of the podcast I Should Be Writing. She was, until July 2007, the host and co-editor of Pseudopod. She was the editor and host of Escape Pod from 2010, when she took over from Steve Eley, until 2012, when she stepped down and was replaced by Norm Sherman in order to focus on her writing. In 2015, she edited Mothership Zeta for Escape Artists, Inc. She has returned to co-edit Escape Pod with S.B. Divya.

Mur is the 2013 winner of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. She was a finalist for the Hugo for Best Fancast for Ditch Diggers with Matt Wallace.

Ben Phillips, Founder and Editor

Ben Phillips is a programmer and musician living in New Orleans. He was a chief editor of Pseudopod from 2006-2010.

Dagny Paul, Assistant Editor

Dagny Paul is a teacher, writer, failed artist, comic book geek, and assistant editor/occasional host of Pseudopod. She is guest editor for Pseudopod’s Artemis Rising 3 event in 2017. She lives in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana with her husband, son, and cat. Follow her on Twitter for no good reason. Listen to her stories “There is No Road Through the Woods” and “Standard Procedure

Graeme Dunlop, Audio Producer and IT Barbarian

Graeme Dunlop is a construct of his own mind and thus extremely hard to grasp. He has no discernable skills and often wonders how he became co-editor of a respected fantasy podcast.

In alternate futures he is Muad’Dib, or a drunken bum living in a skip, or reincarnated as a dog, or living happily in the now.

He’s also a voice actor, with narrations for each of the Escape Artists podcasts.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his lovely wife Amanda. They have a crazy boy dog called Jake. They believe Jake may rival Jen’s dog for hairiness, but definitely not size.


Otter, Associate Editor

Otter lives in Atlanta, GA. She works as a software engineer. Some day she will probably embed SETI on your thermostat and in your car assuming someone else doesn’t beat her to the punch. In the meantime, her hobbies include drinking and knowing things and making pop culture references. She also enjoys long walks after dark and seeking out Eldritch abominations in an alternate reality known as “pocket monsters”.

Jesse Scherer, Associate Editor

Jesse Scherer is an associate editor at Pseudopod. Professional curmudgeon, holistic detective, and cyborg. Acting at the fulcrum of cosmic horror and programing to save the world from bad design. Jesse prefers clear logic to decoration.