Contract Template: Narration

Below you will find a sample contract explaining the rights we have for work for hire for vocal performance used by Pseudopod. Please note that this is a contract template for informational purposes only, and if we buy a story from you, all the details will be filled out at that time.


This contract is a work for hire for vocal performance and requests the following additional rights:

  • Promotional use of image and biographical information
  • Dispute resolution via binding arbitration
  • Electronic signature

Escape Artists Inc.

This contract is made on [DAY] [MONTH] [YEAR] by and between:

[NAME], whose address is [ADDRESS], and its licensees, heirs, assigns and successors (“Narrator”); and

Escape Artists Incorporated, whose address is Post Office Box 83, Woodstock, Georgia 30188, USA, and its licensees, heirs, assigns and successors (“Publisher”).

This contract concerns:

“[Story Title]”, a [COUNT] word story created and owned by [AUTHOR] (the “Story”);

the Narrator’s vocal performance and audio recording of the Story (the “Narration”); and

[PODCAST], a serial audio publication distributed in syndicated podcast form owned by the Publisher (“Podcast”). The individual episode of the Podcast in which the Narration appears is referred to as the Episode.

The Narrator and the Publisher agree:

The Narration

  1. The Narrator shall vocally perform and record the Story as provided by the Podcast, including any additional performance comments accompanying the Story.
  2. The Narrator shall use their own production facilities to record and edit the Narration in accordance with guidelines provided by the Podcast editors.
  3. The Narrator shall provide “podcast quality” digital files of the Narration, subject to the approval of the Podcast’s editors.


  1. The Narrator agrees to provide the Narration to the editors of the Podcast by [DEADLINE] (the “Deadline”). The Podcast editors will provide the Narrator with appropriate file transfer instructions for the finished Narration.
  2. The Podcast editors and the Narrator may extend the Deadline by mutual consent in writing, which for the avoidance of doubt includes electronic mail.

Review and Approval of Narration

  1. Once in receipt of the Narration, the Podcast editors will work with the Podcast production staff and the Narrator in good faith to review and approve the Narration in a timely fashion.
  2. If there are any element of the Narration that are not acceptable to the Podcast editors, including for example pronunciation of words and phrases, background noise levels, unrequested accents or sound effects, or any other undesirable sound qualities the Podcast editors will provide constructive, specific and reasonable requests for alterations (“Revisions”).
  3. The Narrator agrees to provide any requested Revisions within fourteen (14) days (“Revision Time”).
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, Revision Time shall be deemed to be added to the Deadline for all matters concerning the calculation of timely delivery.

Payment Terms

  1. The Publisher shall pay Narrator $[AMOUNT] for the Narration. The Publisher shall make the Payment within sixty (60) days of receipt of the final, approved Narration.
  2. If the Podcast does not receive the final, approved Narration by the Deadline (including any mutually agreed extensions and the passage of any Revision Time), such that the Podcast is not able to use the Narration, no Payment or attribution shall be given.
  3. The Narrator further certifies and acknowledges they are an independent contractor for all purposes related to the Payment. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating an employer/employee, principal/agent, partner or co-venturer relationship between the Narrator and the Publisher.
  4. The Publisher shall make no tax withholding from the Payment under this Agreement. The Narrator is not entitled to receive any employment benefits, including without limitation vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, Social Security, workers’ compensation, disability or unemployment benefits as a result of the Payment.
  5. At Publisher’s request, the Narrator shall provide such documents and information as Publisher may reasonably require for the Publisher to comply with reporting requirements of various governmental taxing entities regarding the Payment.

Work For Hire

  1. Upon completion of the Narration, the Narrator acknowledges they have no right or interest in any copyright or publication right to the Narration, or other materials resulting from the services performed under this Agreement.
  2. The Narrator acknowledges the Narration is a “Work for Hire” as defined by United States Copyright Laws. The Narrator further acknowledges that all copyrights and rights to exploit, use or reproduce the Narration now or in the future shall reside in the Publisher, and the Narrator shall sign any documentation that may be required in the future to assign such rights to the Publisher.
  3. The Narrator understands that the Publisher shall distribute the Episode under a Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives” 4.0 International license.
  4. The Narrator understands and agrees that the Publisher has the right to offer the Narration for sale for as long as they choose across any and/or all audio formats and platforms.


  1. The Narrator will be credited in the Episode and on the Episode’s webpage as [BY-LINE].

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