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Pseudopod 439: Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes

by Marie Brennan.

Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes” was published in RUNNING WITH THE PACK (ed. Ekaterina Sedia), in 2010, and reprinted in MAD SCIENCE CAFE (ed. Deborah J. Ross) in 2013. “The story was directly inspired by a set of online essays written by Michael Briggs, husband of the urban fantasy author Patricia Briggs, in which he attempted to make silver bullets and discovered that it’s insanely hard to do.”

MARIE BRENNAN is an anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for material. She is currently misapplying her professors’ hard work to the Victorian adventure series THE MEMOIRS OF LADY TRENT. She is also the author of the doppelanger duology of WARRIOR AND WITCH, the urban fantasy LIES AND PROPHECY, the ONYX COURT historical fantasy series, and more than forty short stories. More information can be found on her website, Swan Tower. The third Memoir of Lady Trent, VOYAGE OF THE BASILISK, was just released in March, 2015.

Your reader this week – Amanda Fitzwater – is a human-suit wearing dragon from Christchurch, New Zealand. She attended the Clarion workshop at UCSD in 2014, and was recently awarded the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent 2015. She has stories either out now or coming soon in Scigentasy, The Future Fire, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. She twitters at @AJFitzwater

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This study seeks to establish a hierarchy of efficacy for various antipathetic materials and delivery mechanisms thereof as used in the extermination of lycanthropes. Pre-existing data on this issue consists solely of folkloric narratives and unsubstantiated anecdotes on Internet communities, neither of which are based upon suitable experimental trials. It is hoped that this study will be only the beginning of a proper body of scientific literature, which might be expanded to include hyena men, were-jaguars, and other therianthropes.”


Pseudopod 438: Baby Weight

by Sarah Benkin.

Baby Weight” was first published on Bogleech. “Baby Weight started out as a story about eating and about the way disorders can hide themselves under other names. It turned into something all its own, but the thoughts that gave birth to it are still in there”

They say that SARAH BENKIN lost her right hand gambling with the devil. They say she won it back, but it wasn’t her hand anymore. They say that, but you shouldn’t believe them. Sarah Benkin makes words and pictures, not always at the same time. Her most recent project Then It Was Dark is a comic anthology (comic as in words and pictures and panels and speech bubbles, not comic as in funny, though there is a little humor to be found there) of personal paranormal experiences, true ghost stories, friend of a friend tales and brushes with the unknown. She is the editor and has a story of her own. She’s also recently started a webcomic of freeform short horror fiction that can be found at Ragpicker. Her main website, Peppermint Monster, has links to all her other work, most of which is not for children.

Your reader this week is – EVE.

Check out 01 Publishing’s submissions call for WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS Volume 2 – HERE!


“7:00am – Glass of room temperature lemon water with cayenne pepper

8:00am – Steamed, purred carrot, half. Eaten at desk

10:00am – 1/2 cup coconut milk. No added sugar. Four bites porridge.

I watch the women from the phone bank while they eat. One is nibbling on a small, grey puck of a breakfast sandwich. The kind that you buy, store, microwave and eat out of a white paper wrapper. I can’t look away. I watch while she’s pushing bite after bite of the thing through her greasy, lipsticked mouth.”


Pseudopod 437: Fog

by Kristin Luna.

Fog” is original to PSEUDOPOD. “This story didn’t just come out of thin air. It really did come out of the fog. While waiting for fog to clear at the Colorado Springs airport so my plane could take off, I went to the bathroom. There, just walking around, was a woman with no pants. It was one of the oddest, out-of-context sights I had ever seen, and knew I had to create a story around it. Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you enjoy ‘Fog.'”

KRISTIN LUNA has been making up stories and getting in trouble for them since elementary school. Her short story “The Greggs Family Zoo of Odd and Marvelous Creatures” was featured in the anthology One Horn to Rule Them All alongside Peter S. Beagle and Todd McCaffrey. Kristin lives in San Diego with her husband Nic. She writes a monthly post for the blog, The Fictorians, on various topics having to do with writing.

Your reader this week – Joe Sammarco – is a 28 year old aspiring voice actor for animation/gaming and a narrator on Starshipsofa. Some of his work and other side projects like reviews are on his YouTube – leopectus1986 channel.


“Outside, there was only gray, diffused light. Hints of airplanes sat lifelessly at their gates. The fog drifted and stroked the windows.

Just as the businessman turned to make conversation with the old man to his left, his gaze caught on a woman walking out of the bathroom. “Will you look at that?”

The security cameras in the terminal jerked into position to watch the woman, except for the one camera trained on the crowd of onlookers. The crowd turned their heads to look.”


Pseudopod 436: Flash On The Borderlands XXV: Simulacra

“The strategic problem is, of course, that simulacra are reassuring only when viewed from outside. They do not provide an existential model for how to be in the world. One can appreciate the brilliance of the embalmer’s work, but one would not want to be its object.”

“Decadent Naturalism” by Charles Bernheimer; introduction to A HAVEN by J.K. Huysmans in THE DECADENT READER.


“Worm Within” by Cat Rambo

“Worm Within” was originally printed in “Clarkesworld” 2008. It is reprinted in Cat’s fantasy story collection, EYES LIKE SKY AND COAL AND MOONLIGHT. “I hope it unsettles YOU. I meant it to be unsettling — in an enjoyable way. :)”

CAT RAMBO writes and edits in the Pacific Northwest. Her most recent book is NEAR + FAR, science fiction stories, from Hydra House. Listeners are invited to check out THE WORLD REMAINS MYSTERIOUS.

Your reader – Julie Hoverson – the writer and producer of such audio dramas as 19 Nocturne Boulevard and Fatal Girl (both available at 19 Nocturne, has now turned her hand to audiobooks and can be found on narrating such diverse pieces as Jake Bible’s Dead Mech Apex Trilogy (third book coming soon) and several novellas that are part of Brian MacLellan’s Powder Mage series, most recently MURDER AT THE KINNEN HOTEL.

“The LED bug kicks feebly, trying to push itself away from the wall. Its wings are rounds of mica, and the hole in its carapace where someone has tacked it to the graying boards reveals cogs and gears, almost microscopic in their dimension. The light from its underside is the cobalt of distress.”


“Lullabies For A Clockwork Child” by Shane Halbach.

“Lullabies For A Clockwork Child” is seeing its first publication on Pseudopod.

SHANE HALBACH lives in Chicago with his wife and two kids, where he writes software by day and avoids writing stories by night. His fiction has appeared on Escape Pod, Redstone SF, Daily Science Fiction, and elsewhere. He blogs regularly at Is This Thing On?.

Your reader – Pete Milan – is a writer and voice actor. Pete can be heard in the horror audio drama PHANTOM CANYON from Pendant Audio, available wherever audiobooks are sold. Visit Pete Milan: Cosmopolitan Jackadandy for more from him.

“You are not Jack, but I will tell you of Jack, so you can know.

Jack was beautiful and strong. Jack had curly hair and shining brown eyes, and when we walked, he held my thumb and swung our arms just to feel them move.

You will not look like Jack. Every child is different. You are both my sons, but you are different.”


“Used” by Sandra Odell.

“Used” is appearing here for the first time anywhere.

SANDRA ODELL (usually) lives with her family in Washington state. Her work has appeared in Pseudopod, Jim Baen’s UNIVERSE, Crossed Genres, and Ideomancer. She is a Clarion West 2010 graduate, and is currently plotting world domination. Or her second novel, whichever comes first.

Your reader – Matt Arnold – last appeared on Pseudopod reading Episode #223 Murdock The Nobody. We also believe he is still involved with Penguincon 2015.

“I recognize her sitting five seats down at the bar. She notices my attention and invites me over with a sip of her drink and a nod to the empty stool to her right. We are diseased, and long for understanding company.

She says her name is Cindy. Small, Clairol blonde, buxom Cindy with a blue, winged heart tattoo under her left collarbone. I introduce myself as Steve, buy her another what-she’s-having. She traces circles around the knuckles of my right hand with the sweat from her glass. There is a band of pale skin at the base of her ring finger.”

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