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Pseudopod 455: Turbulence

by Scott R. Jones

“Turbulence” was first published by Innsmouth Free Press in Innsmouth Magazine #14, November 2013

Scott R. Jones is the author of When The Stars Are Right: Towards An Authentic R’lyehian Spirituality (a bio-ethnographical work of “gleeful nihilism”, examining Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones from a neo-Gnostic spiritual perspective); I have stories upcoming in the anthologies The Summer of Lovecraft (Chaosium), Fossil Lake 2, Flesh Like Smoke (April Moon Books), and Australia’s Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. I live in Victoria BC with my wife and two frighteningly super-intelligent spawn. He has edited an anthology for Martian Migraine Press RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond, featuring stories revolving around the Tillinghast Resonator (or technologies and processes like it). RESONATOR will be available in print and electronic formats from most major retailers and showcases the talents of Cody Goodfellow, Anya Martin, Scott Nicolay, Orrin Grey, Damir Salkovic, and Christine Morgan, among others.

Your narrator is Siobhan Gallichan, who is a voice over artist interested in paid work and is also the long time producer of The Flashing Blade Podcast.


They’re sealing the silo today and the cavern below it. One hundred fifty thousand tonnes of concrete poured down the wet, black throat of the thing. I hope it’s enough.

The facility is down to a skeleton staff now. Topside security and just enough eyes on the monitors to hit the red button if things change down there. I’m not really needed; my MSc is in Avionics Engineering, after all. I don’t even work here anymore, but I felt like paying my respects. I’m not alone in this. Declan made friends easily and there are a lot of project folks here that don’t need to be.

His official funeral was just so goddamned unsatisfying, for one thing. That eulogy! “Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth….” They ran that Magee poem into the ground, which was about as tasteless as you could get, considering the circumstances. Considering his resting place.

That’s just it though, isn’t it? Declan isn’t at rest. Declan will never be at rest. I know what they told everyone. That he died testing the DreadMoth. That’s only technically true. I know he’s not dead. Ask anyone who ever sat with him down there, in the cavern. They’ll tell you.

They talked about Icarus at the funeral, too, which is all mytho-poetic and sells the American hero line, sure, but it’s a flawed comparison. Icarus fell. That kid kissed the dirt.

Declan may be half a mile underground, but he hasn’t touched down, yet.


Pseudopod 454: Eastern Promise

by Stewart Horn

“Eastern Promise” originally appeared in Crowded Magazine issue 2, 2013.

STEWART HORN is a professional musician and amateur writer and poet based on the West Coast of Scotland. His work has appeared in the Horrorzine website and two Horrorzine anthologies, Screaming Dreams Press’s magazine Estronomicon, Crowded Magazine, the Lovecraft Ezine and the British Fantasy Society Journal, as well as a few small local things. He blogs occasionally at Stewartguitar, writes reviews for the BFS and is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle.

Your narrators are Ian Stuart (introductions) and Hugo Jackson. Hugo is a fantasy author and cosplayer from Chichester, England with a passion for acting, anime, and movie soundtracks, currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina. The first of his four book young adult fantasy series, The Resonance Tetralogy, is available on and can be found on facebook under the series name Resonance Tetralogy or on Writesaber. His publisher is Inspired Quill. He can be found amongst his cosplay projects on facebook at BritFang Cosplay


“‘In more western parts of Europe, incorrupt corpses were apt to induce almost the opposite response. A lack of decay was taken to be evidence that the individual had died in a state of perfect grace, immaculate and sinless. There are reputed to be whole, perfect bodies secreted among the other saintly relics in churches all over France, Spain, Italy and Prussia, and all those that remain intact have since been canonized. Many such corpses were said to emanate an ‘odour of sanctity’ for some time after death, described as akin to the smell of fresh flowers; it may be principally this olfactory phenomenon, coupled with geographical and religious incidence, that determined which corpses were worshipped as saints, and which destroyed as demons or vampires.’

M. Rhodes, Demonology and Vampirism in Europe, 1897”


Pseudopod 452: Abandon All Flesh

by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

“Abandon All Flesh” first appeared in Tales of Jack the Ripper, a 2013 anthology. Silvia remembers the wax museum in Mexico City burning down in 1992, which helped to inspire this story.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s debut novel Signal to Noise has been released by Solaris. It focuses on magic, music and Mexico City. Her short stories have been collected in Love & Other Poisons and This Strange Way of Dying. This weekend she is a Special Guest at Necronomicon in Providence. You can follow her on her blog at Signal To Noise or on Twitter @silviamg

Your narrator — Pamila Payne is a Los Angeles writer and voice actor. Her noir horror, vintage crime and drama can be found at Her most recent work was included in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology She is available to hire for Audiobook narrating and all things spoken word. She recently narrated a story for Podcastle – The Chimney-Borer and the Tanner, by Thoraiya Dyer


“The chamber of horrors. The cobwebs and the torture instruments and the lights. And Jack. She loves Jack most of all. He stands in a corner, past the mummies and the witches, in his cape and stylish top hat. Black satin. Gloves. Right hand raised, knife gleaming. He sports a wicked smile.

If you stand in front of Jack all you can see is the smile. The angle of the hat wraps the rest of his face in rich shadows. However, if you move to the side and step a bit forward, against the velvet ropes, you can look at him up close.

The quality of the wax sculptures varies. The older ones are good and the newer ones are less detailed. But Jack. Jack is not good, he is great. The one who crafted him did so with exquisite detail, labouring over the eyes and the skin, striving to approximate life as much as one can within the confines of a wax mold. The result is a face that seems alert, capable of speech, of drawing a breath. The fingers curl around the knife with true strength, the body tenses, ready to leap down from its dais.

Even the background of this exhibit is flawless. Behind Jack there is a bed, unmade, the sheets splattered with blood. The subdued lighting reveals a brick wall and a shuttered window.

Julia stands in front of Jack and touches the sleeve of his jacket. She is fourteen. During class she draws skulls and dragons in the margins of her notebooks. In the afternoons, she does her homework with more haste than effort. Twice a week she walks the wax museum, pausing before Jack and admiring him.”


Pseudopod 451: The New Arrival

by Miranda Suri

“The New Arrival” was first published in Electric Spec, Volume 5, Issue 4 November 2010

Miranda Suri writes speculative fiction, teaches anthropology at Queens College, and goes on archaeological adventures that would make Indiana Jones green with envy. When she’s not curled up with a good book at her Brooklyn apartment, she can be found indulging one of her hobbies, which include exploring New York’s culinary scene, practicing Pilates, and traveling the world. Miranda’s fiction has appeared in publications such as Fictionvale, Penumbra, Every Day Fiction, and Electric Spec. Her story The Firefly Girl (Penumbra 2014) was included in Tangent Online’s 2014 recommended reading list. Her blog is at

Your narrator – Rock Manor is a voice actor specializing in audiobook narration and audio plays. His voice work has been featured on multiple horror podcasts and programs. He currently produces the horror audiobook web series and podcast, Manor House. You can follow him on twitter @ManorHouseShow. Web series episodes can be found on YouTube at Podcast episodes can be found on iTunes under Manor House: The Podcast.


I stood in line at the grocery store with my mother, ignoring Simon as he pawed through the carnival-bright offerings on the candy rack. Suzette, the check-stand girl who sometimes babysat for us on Friday nights, ran the items across the scanner.

“What great news, Mrs. Waverly,” Suzette said. “You must be so excited!”

Simon finally settled on a chocolate bar and held it up to our mom, his eyes eager. Watching my older brother, his ten-year-old body twice my size but his mind still years behind, I felt something between pity and disgust.

My mother took the candy bar and slid it onto the belt. Her other hand held mine.

“I know,” she responded. “We’re thrilled! We didn’t want to say anything until we were out of the first trimester.”