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Pseudopod 441: Deep Deep

by Karen Munro.

Deep Deep” originally appeared in Electric Spec, May 2012. “I once worked as a summer camp counselor, and I love swimming in lakes. (You might not think so, but it’s true!)”

KAREN MUNRO lives, writes, and works as a librarian in Portland, OR. Every day in October she sends a free scary story out to a select list of scary-story-readers. Stories are an eclectic mix, all freely available on the Internet. If you’d like to be added to the list, you can email her at kmunrovian at gmail dot com. She blogs at Karen Munro where people can find the full list of stories from October 2014. (Happy reading!).

Your reader this week — Corvus — is a musician, poet, and podcast host for The Green Magick Podcast. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and you can find most of his work on Skeletopia.


“If a kid got lost in the lake, all the counselors had to dive. They were supposed to line up an arm’s length from each other, dive to the bottom, swim a few feet, then come straight up for air. If you dove close to shore it wasn’t bad. You only had to go down a few feet. But out at the end of the dock, beneath the diving board, it was twelve or fifteen or twenty feet to the bottom. That’s what we called deep-deep.

I wasn’t a counselor. I wasn’t counselor material, especially not at Wanderwell Reformatory Boys’ Camp. I wasn’t there to reform anyone, I just wanted to get out of my mom’s basement for the summer. Bagging cream of wheat and counting bowstrings in the quartermaster’s A-frame was better than listening to my mom and Shouty Phil rampage through the house. I didn’t want to be a counselor. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone . . . but they still made me dive.”


Pseudopod 440: Octavius Bound

by Nathan Ehret.

Octavius Bound” is Nathan’s first attempt at horror, and Pseudopod is the first place at which it has been published. “Although the events in this story are fictional, the Octavius itself is somewhat less so. Legends of this ship’s disappearance have existed for centuries, and nothing conclusive about its existence has been documented either way.”

NATHAN EHRET tends to follow a rigorous daily routine of procrastination. Sometimes, though, a story manages to sneak onto his laptop when he’s looking the other way. He’s fascinated by the unusual and maintains a healthy disdain for the practical. He lives, edits, and teaches English in Vancouver, Canada, and his other stories have been known to end up in places like Perihelion and Electric Spec.

Your readers this week are Vash Bloodfrost and Jen Rhodes!
Vash Bloodfrost‘s Twitter addy is @VBloodfrost. Because she identifies as a GenderQueer TransFemale, Vash doesn’t want anyone who wanders into zhur Twitter to mistake zhur deep voice with an accidental address. “I’ve wholly found peace with who and what I am by not being what I’m not and, ironically, “Octavius Bound” has re-affirmed that we can’t afford to be defined by our sorrows and regrets…as they can kill us.”
Jen Rhodes is one of the founding co-hosts of “Anomaly” — a geek girl podcast and blog. Anomaly features articles and episodes on everything from conventions & cosplay to Star Wars and Dr. Who. She’s been nerding out with her co-host since 2007 at


“Sept 17, 1762

Five Months now we have been at Sea, tho’ it seems but half a Week since the _Octavius_ embarked from Peking and the Orient. I have decided to eschew the Horn & attempt a Course through the New World for our return Journey. If, by God’s Grace, the Weather is clear & we maintain our current Heading, we should find Passage eastward through the Arctic within the next Fortnight.

June 1, 2014

Saw my first iceberg today. Not sure when we can expect pack ice, but everyone just tells me, ‘relax, we’re on an icebreaker’. Kinda takes the excitement out of sailing into the Great White North to chase down a ghost ship, but hey–at least we’ll be safer than the _Octavius_.

It’s funny–we really don’t know much more about the _HMS Octavius_ than what anyone’s grandma could find on Google. It was last seen in 1775, some thirteen years after its disappearance, by the _Herald_, an English whaling ship. When the whalers went on board, they discovered the entire crew of the _Octavius_ frozen dead at their stations. The captain, William Perington, was still at his desk, pen in hand, along with a woman and small child. I guess the whole ‘freezing-to-death-at-your-post’ business kinda freaked the hell out of the whalers, and they legged it pretty quick. But not before purloining the captain’s log book from right under his stiff, dead hand…

Course it was all basically hearsay until good ol’ Robert came across the log book in an auction for maritime memorabilia. It was vetted by a dozen historians, and it seems to be legit. Turns out the coordinates for the _Octavius’_ last known location were in the book. Also turns out that Yours Truly is Robert’s favourite student of maritime archaeology, hence my place aboard the _Liberator_! Sweet deal.

(OK, cards on the table–Robert knows about what happened with Dylan, and maybe he figures this trip will help me get over things? Yeah, right. But it’ll be a good voyage nevertheless. Right? Of course it will.)

_And why, O Wise and Lovely Amelia Finley, are you writing in a diary?_ My distinguished advisor, Prof Robert Winston, thinks it will actually help organize my thoughts when it comes to writing my thesis. Huzzah.”


Pseudopod 439: Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes

by Marie Brennan.

Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes” was published in RUNNING WITH THE PACK (ed. Ekaterina Sedia), in 2010, and reprinted in MAD SCIENCE CAFE (ed. Deborah J. Ross) in 2013. “The story was directly inspired by a set of online essays written by Michael Briggs, husband of the urban fantasy author Patricia Briggs, in which he attempted to make silver bullets and discovered that it’s insanely hard to do.”

MARIE BRENNAN is an anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for material. She is currently misapplying her professors’ hard work to the Victorian adventure series THE MEMOIRS OF LADY TRENT. She is also the author of the doppelanger duology of WARRIOR AND WITCH, the urban fantasy LIES AND PROPHECY, the ONYX COURT historical fantasy series, and more than forty short stories. More information can be found on her website, Swan Tower. The third Memoir of Lady Trent, VOYAGE OF THE BASILISK, was just released in March, 2015.

Your reader this week – Amanda Fitzwater – is a human-suit wearing dragon from Christchurch, New Zealand. She attended the Clarion workshop at UCSD in 2014, and was recently awarded the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent 2015. She has stories either out now or coming soon in Scigentasy, The Future Fire, and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. She twitters at @AJFitzwater

Check out 01 Publishing’s submissions call for WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS Volume 2 – HERE!



This study seeks to establish a hierarchy of efficacy for various antipathetic materials and delivery mechanisms thereof as used in the extermination of lycanthropes. Pre-existing data on this issue consists solely of folkloric narratives and unsubstantiated anecdotes on Internet communities, neither of which are based upon suitable experimental trials. It is hoped that this study will be only the beginning of a proper body of scientific literature, which might be expanded to include hyena men, were-jaguars, and other therianthropes.”


Pseudopod 438: Baby Weight

by Sarah Benkin.

Baby Weight” was first published on Bogleech. “Baby Weight started out as a story about eating and about the way disorders can hide themselves under other names. It turned into something all its own, but the thoughts that gave birth to it are still in there”

They say that SARAH BENKIN lost her right hand gambling with the devil. They say she won it back, but it wasn’t her hand anymore. They say that, but you shouldn’t believe them. Sarah Benkin makes words and pictures, not always at the same time. Her most recent project Then It Was Dark is a comic anthology (comic as in words and pictures and panels and speech bubbles, not comic as in funny, though there is a little humor to be found there) of personal paranormal experiences, true ghost stories, friend of a friend tales and brushes with the unknown. She is the editor and has a story of her own. She’s also recently started a webcomic of freeform short horror fiction that can be found at Ragpicker. Her main website, Peppermint Monster, has links to all her other work, most of which is not for children.

Your reader this week is – EVE.

Check out 01 Publishing’s submissions call for WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS Volume 2 – HERE!


“7:00am – Glass of room temperature lemon water with cayenne pepper

8:00am – Steamed, purred carrot, half. Eaten at desk

10:00am – 1/2 cup coconut milk. No added sugar. Four bites porridge.

I watch the women from the phone bank while they eat. One is nibbling on a small, grey puck of a breakfast sandwich. The kind that you buy, store, microwave and eat out of a white paper wrapper. I can’t look away. I watch while she’s pushing bite after bite of the thing through her greasy, lipsticked mouth.”