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T-shirts now available!

We are happy to announce that preorders are now being taken for Escape Pod, PodCastle, and Pseudopod t-shirts — nice full color, durable ones, to be shipped in time for Christmas at the latest.

Order now from

No polos or coffee mugs yet. Maybe next time. Thanks very much for all your continued patience and support, from all of us at Escape Artists!

Pseudopod archive CD-ROMs now available

Pseudopod archive CD-ROMs are now available from!

That’s right, you can get every Pseudopod ever made (through Aug 27), shipped right to the door of you or someone you loathe, on repulsive green CD-ROMs that look just like the web page. Over seventeen hours of audio on each installment. If that doesn’t help while away those long insomniac hours staring at the walls in dread of what might come through, we don’t know what will!

Get them at