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Announcement: Welcome to Pseudopod!

You’ve found the world’s premier horror fiction podcast. Pseudopod brings you the best short horror in audio form, to take with you anywhere.

WARNING: This is a podcast of horror fiction. The stories presented here are intended to disturb. They are likely to contain death, graphic violence, explicit sex (including sexual violence), hate crimes, blasphemy, or other themes and images that hook deep into your psyche. We do not provide ratings or content warnings. We assume by your listening that you wish to be disturbed for your entertainment. If there are any themes that you cannot deal with in fiction, that are too strongly personal to you, please do not listen.

Pseudopod is for mature audiences only. Hardly any story on Pseudopod is suitable for children. We mean this very seriously.

PSEUDOPOD UPDATE – This Week’s Episode Will Be Late

Hello All

This week’s episode of PSEUDOPOD will be late by, hopefully, just less than a week. Instead, please go listen to ESCAPE POD or PODCASTLE or TALES TO TERRIFY or NIGHTMARE MAGAZINE or THE NOSLEEP PODCAST or….

Special Message About Pseudopod 369

Just a quick note – this episode of Pseudopod was released with a technical snafu. It has now been corrected but we ask you to please redownload it, as part of the story was missing. Thanks!

EA Metacast – Minicast Update

A quick update on how things are going!