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PSEUDOPOD UPDATE – This Week’s Episode Will Be Late

Hello All

This week’s episode of PSEUDOPOD will be late by, hopefully, just less than a week. Instead, please go listen to ESCAPE POD or PODCASTLE or TALES TO TERRIFY or NIGHTMARE MAGAZINE or THE NOSLEEP PODCAST or….

Special Message About Pseudopod 369

Just a quick note – this episode of Pseudopod was released with a technical snafu. It has now been corrected but we ask you to please redownload it, as part of the story was missing. Thanks!

EA Metacast – Minicast Update

A quick update on how things are going!

EA Fundraiser – Montreal


Craig Mackie is holding a fund-raiser for ESCAPE ARTISTS in Montreal this Friday, October 25, 2013.

There will be live readings of weird fiction by Eric Lis, Marta Barnes, Gregg Chamberlin, Dean Garlick and Rob Kimsey. By Donation. A fund-raiser for three fantastic sister podcasts: Pseudopod, Podcastle and Escape Pod.

Please check it out if you can!

Shawn Garrett
Editor, Pseudopod