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PseudoPod 389: The House, the Garden, and the Occupants

The House, the Garden, and the Occupants by Amanda C. Davis This is Anne, with shreds of her gown wisping away like the edges of clouds, at the elbow of the grand staircase where the iron-framed window overlooks a patch of garden entombed in briars. She casts a glow onto the wall that reflects faintly […]

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PseudoPod 633: Hippocampus

Hippocampus by Adam L.G. Nevill Walls of water as slow as lava, black as coal, push the freighter up mountainsides, over frothing peaks and into plunging descents. Across vast, rolling waves the vessel ploughs, ungainly. Conjuring galaxies of bubbles around its passage and in its wake, temporary cosmoses appear for moments in the immensity of […]

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