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PseudoPod 641: ARTEMIS RISING 5: A Song for Wounded Mouths

A Song for Wounded Mouths by Kristi DeMeester It was Brandon who found the teeth. He was the one who picked up the small Mason jar, imagining it to be the perfect thing for B roll, the kind of homespun charm we were hoping to emulate for the video we were shooting for “Litany for […]

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PseudoPod 640: ARTEMIS RISING 5: What Throat

What Throat by Annie Neugebauer It was embarrassingly easy to get lost. Even for someone like Jo, who was familiar with hiking and knew better than to make the mistakes she made. She’d always heard it was easier than you think; now she finally believed it. A bit of distraction. Forging ahead when something niggled […]

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PseudoPod 638: ARTEMIS RISING 5: A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar

A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar by Maria Haskins Beneath Alice is kneeling in the darkness, breathing hard, heart thumping behind her ribs. The kids are gone. She feels it in her cold flesh and aching bones, as surely as she felt them being pulled out of her body at the hospital when she gave […]

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