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Pseudopod 250: The Voice In The Night

The Voice in the Night by William Hope Hodgson It was a dark, starless night. We were becalmed in the Northern Pacific. Our exact position I do not know; for the sun had been hidden during the course of a weary, breathless week, by a thin haze which had seemed to float above us, about […]

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PseudoPod 621: Voices

Voices by Ira Brooker It was just after sundown when we heard the first voice, a faraway voice, whispery, wheezy, barely distinguishable from the howl of the wind that bore it. “Lessss… innnnn…” was what I heard. Not quite words but near enough that I ran to Mother on the other side of the room. […]

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PseudoPod 579: All My Nightmares Are Named Heather

All My Nightmares Are Named Heather by Mário Coelho She’s always this close when I wake up, less than a palm’s distance bridging our noses. Big eyes, darker than this penumbra. Pupils lightly flickering, like the TV static behind us. In these roadside motel rooms, everything rustles and murmurs. The carpet is pregnant with aborted […]

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