PseudoPod 559: Granite Requires

by T.J. Berry

“Granite Requires” is a Pseudopod original.

T.J. Berry

T.J. BERRY has held various jobs, including political blogger, bakery owner, and a disastrous two weeks in a razor blade factory. She now writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror from the outskirts of Seattle with considerably fewer on-the-job injuries. She is a 2016 graduate of the Clarion West writing workshop. Her fiction has appeared in Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix and at PodCastle. You can find her on Twitter @TJaneBerry.

Says Berry: “There’s a saying that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backward and in high heels. Granite Requires is for all the women who navigate the horrors of the world with gravel-filled flip flops and a baby on their hip.”

Laura Hobbs

This week’s reader – Laura Hobbs works in infosec by day and is a random crafter by night. Twitter is her social media of choice, and she despises the word “cyber”. When asked nicely, she sometimes reads things for people on the internet. You can find her online at

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Schist requires an ear, so Kaidence probably won’t swap for an eye, but I’ll kick myself if I don’t ask. A missing ear is easy to work with, just grow your girl’s hair long to cover it up. And since they only slice off the outside part, not the guts inside, schist people hear just as well as anybody else. You always find a way to work around the pieces they take off you.