PseudoPod 545: Indiscretions

by Hillary Dodge


Hillary Dodge

“Indiscretions ” is a Pseudopod Original. “The author invites you to sit back, close your eyes, and picture a deserted suburban neighborhood, lawns brown and tangled, the sky a bleak shade of yellow-gray…”

HILLARY DODGE is a writer and editor based out of Santiago, Chile. She has a Masters degree in Library and Information Sciences which is probably one of the coolest degrees out there – no joke. She enjoys shooting zombies like a boss, reading over a cup of steaming coffee, goat cheese on everything, and supporting fellow authors and creators. Here website is HILLARY DODGE.COM

Last year, Hillary and her husband quit their jobs and relocated their family to South America to collaborate on a cookbook entitled The Chilean Family Table. Throughout the next year, they will travel the length of this thin country, exploring the food culture of Chile while researching their book. You can follow their travels online at She is also the nonfiction editor for Gamut Magazine and if you don’t know what that’s about yet, it’s about time you visited, don’t you think?

Christiana Ellis

This week’s reader – Christiana Ellis – is an award-winning author and producer of fiction podcasts Nina Kimberly the Merciless and Space Casey, as well as a constantly bubbling stew of other podcasts. Christiana is currently acting as the Dungeon Master in a real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, called SO MANY LEVELS, available in both video and audio formats at

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During the full pound and punch of her morning run, in the steadily lifting gloom, Mary sees a figure, indistinct and blurry, at the end of the broken street where no one ought to be. She skids to a stop and blinks. The figure is gone.

Most of her neighborhood is undeveloped and has been for some time. There are wide open tracts of weeds, cracked flats of dirt, and animal holes in abundance. There are also three foundations, gaping holes, really, and another with a rotting timber frame above. It is as if the contractors went out for lunch and never returned. Even the For-Sale signs have disappeared, perhaps toppled by wind or kids and eventually buried.