Pseudopod 438: Baby Weight

by Sarah Benkin.

Baby Weight” was first published on Bogleech. “Baby Weight started out as a story about eating and about the way disorders can hide themselves under other names. It turned into something all its own, but the thoughts that gave birth to it are still in there”

They say that SARAH BENKIN lost her right hand gambling with the devil. They say she won it back, but it wasn’t her hand anymore. They say that, but you shouldn’t believe them. Sarah Benkin makes words and pictures, not always at the same time. Her most recent project Then It Was Dark is a comic anthology (comic as in words and pictures and panels and speech bubbles, not comic as in funny, though there is a little humor to be found there) of personal paranormal experiences, true ghost stories, friend of a friend tales and brushes with the unknown. She is the editor and has a story of her own. She’s also recently started a webcomic of freeform short horror fiction that can be found at Ragpicker. Her main website, Peppermint Monster, has links to all her other work, most of which is not for children.

Your reader this week is – EVE.

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“7:00am – Glass of room temperature lemon water with cayenne pepper

8:00am – Steamed, purred carrot, half. Eaten at desk

10:00am – 1/2 cup coconut milk. No added sugar. Four bites porridge.

I watch the women from the phone bank while they eat. One is nibbling on a small, grey puck of a breakfast sandwich. The kind that you buy, store, microwave and eat out of a white paper wrapper. I can’t look away. I watch while she’s pushing bite after bite of the thing through her greasy, lipsticked mouth.”