Pseudopod 284: She Said

by Kirstyn McDermott

The story was originally published in SCENES FROM THE SECOND STOREY (ed. Amanda Pillar & Pete Kempshall, Morrigan Books, 2010), and subsequently won both a Ditmar Award and an Australian Shadows Award. It has been reprinted in THE YEAR’S BEST AUSTRALIAN FANTASY AND HORROR (ed. Talie Helene & Liz Gryzb, Ticonderoga Publications, 2011).

Kirstyn McDermott (click the link under her name above to visit her website) has been published in various journals, magazines and anthologies, including Aurealis, Southerly, GUD, More Scary Kisses, Southern Blood and Island. Her short fiction has received various awards and her debut novel, MADIGAN MINE, was published by Picador in 2010 and subsequently won the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel. Kirstyn has a forthcoming collection in the Twelve Planets series by Twelfth Planet Press and her new novel, PERFECTIONS, will be published later this year by Xoum. More information will be posted to her website as details become available.

She also produces a monthly podcast with her good friend, Ian Mond, called The Writer and the Critic, where they recommend and discuss a variety of books, mostly spec fic in nature. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and fellow author, Jason Nahrung.

Your reader this week is Christopher Reynaga whose blog can be found by clicking the link under his name. Christopher is a storyteller. In this day and age that translates as novelist, short story writer, and your humble narrator.

“‘As I lifted my brush to the canvas, as I felt the paint flow thick and eager from the bristles, I could see the end, how it needed to be finished. I could see the promise that glimmered beneath the threat, the mercy inherent in destruction. My hand steadied, and worked.”