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Pseudopod 253: Trying To Stay Dead

by Richard S. Crawford.

Click the link under his name to discover his world.

Read by Steve Anderson
“Doctor Bell’s assistant led me into the tiny exam room and gestured at the leather-padded chair in the center. ‘Are you ready to do this?’ she asked, smiling.

I hesitated. I’d been psyching myself up for an animectomy for two months, but now the exam room gave me pause. It reminded me of a dentist’s office: The chair in the center of the room sat benignly beneath a single circular lamp that could be moved and aimed in any direction, while beside it lurked a movable desk with a tiny computer and a single instrument that looked like a dentist’s drill. ‘I suppose.’

‘You’re nervous, I can tell.’ The assistant wore a simple pink smock, the kind dental and mental hygienists all over the world wore. Her teeth gleamed an almost unnatural shade of white, and her silky brown hair cascaded lushly over her shoulders. She looked like a model.

And why not? The tiny scar on her left temple and the ever so slightly unfocused look in her eyes told me she’d already had the Snip. She acted happy and well adjusted and was unaware of anything she or I were saying or doing.”

The Parade music is “Restless Spirits – Underscore – Halloween 2” by Film Composer David Beard. Music from Music Alley.

Pseudopod 252: The Cord

by Chris Lewis Carter

More work by Chris can be found in 3AM Magazine, Word Riot, Murky Depths, and Nelson Literacy 8.

Read by David Michel

“It’s just after midnight when her screams wake me. Loud, panicked shrieks that slice through my sleep-fogged brain like shards of glass.

“Carl! Get down here right now! Oh my God, Carl!”

I roll out of bed and stumble over to the window. Across the cul-de-sac, I see my neighbour, Mrs. Richardson, bathed in the dull glow of a street light. She’s wearing a flower-print nightgown and has a head full of curling rollers.

“What is wrong with you? Get down!”

Nearly half-way up the light pole she’s standing beside is her husband, Carl, his arms and legs locked tightly around the wood. He’s naked, except for a bright red bathrobe, which is untied and flapping in the breeze like a terrycloth flag.

“Help! Carl! Please, someone, help!””

Pseudopod 251: Yardwork

by Bruce Blake.

Bruce also has a blog here. E-book versions of his works are online at Smashwords.

Read by Brian Rollins

“Tim made a special trip to buy the shovel he used to bury the nameless man. It was easy: a lady in a blue vest helped him without a second thought. A fifteen-year-old buying a spade doesn’t raise concern; it’s not like purchasing a gun or machete, though a shovel could be as deadly. The shovel didn’t kill the man, Tim used it to bury the bits and pieces.

In the end, his father’s garden shears killed the nameless man.”

Pseudopod 250: The Voice In The Night

by William Hope Hodgson (1877–1918)

Read by Wilson Fowlie

“‘Can’t you come alongside for them?’ he asked.


‘No — I DARE NOT,’ replied the voice, and it seemed to me that in its tones I detected a note of stifled craving — as though the owner hushed a mortal desire.”

Here’s to 250 more!!!

Music in the promo is “The Gift” by Joe Mieczkowski. Music by Music Alley.