Pseudopod 235: Flash On The Borderlands VIII – Warped Love

Three flash fictions about the strange shapes love can bend us into


(sorry, Valentine’s Day has already passed!)



By Matthew Chrulew

Click his name for some “Negentropy”. This story was originally published in Shadowed Realms 8 in 2005, and is available to read at the link, and the podcast of another story can be found at Terra Incognita Speculative Fiction 16 from 2010. His novella from Twelfth Planet Press, “The Angælien Apocalypse” is a finalist in the Aurealis Awards’ science fiction short story category. Click the title to purchase a copy.

Narrated by Philippa Ballantine.
“She approaches the spot and pulls into the gravelly emergency lane. It is still there, like always, in the traditional place to the side of the road – her husband’s memorial cross, attesting his memory in some little way to the passing drivers. Still bearing the wreath of carnations she left last week.

She visits at that interval. She remembers his life, his weekend surprises, and his stupid jokes.

And she remembers his death, as it must have happened – that shrieking scratch of metal, that infinite slide, that smash into the tree.”



By M.C. Funk

Under his name came be found what he’s responsible for…

Narrated by Donna Lynch.
“I knew your demon would be hungry the moment I found it. How it crouched toad-like behind the cleaning products under our sink. From its eight-ball eyes to the mouth that spread atop its stomach, your demon’s shape was fat with appetite.

I came to you terrified and smelling of bleach. “Oh yeah.” You had sad-dog eyes. “I was meaning to tell you about that.””



By Bint Arab

Click his name and satisfy your “Bibliophilia”.

Narrated by our forum’s own Marshal Latham!
“‘”I made you young, Mother, so you won’t have to worry about your heart problems any more.” He swiped some of the dirt off her face and wrapped her in the towel so he wouldn’t have to touch her as he guided her to the house.”