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Pseudopod 231: Tippler’s Bane

By Evelyn Wang

Evelyn is an editorial intern for the as-yet unpublished issue 6 of Coilhouse magazine.
Read by Paul Jenkins & Eve Upton.
“Creatures of dusk, creatures of dank and dark and dregs of mealy meaty toxins, we sit here in the dust and the damp, in the many shadowy shadows that lurk like pockets. Creeping, slithering, longer and lengthier the shadows grow, into our kingdom of shit and mildew. Nighttime, yes, and we stumble, tumble, unmoving, into the moonlight. Moon, moon. Renders us ghostly little babies, and that we are, nothing but stupid putrid babies, only living, always dying unmentionable deaths, drowning constantly in our own little babies.

We grow, we grow, crop up, pop down, we, we, creatures of grandmamma-secrets and impish delights. A carpet of heads, unfurling to tasty death and hasty birth. Food between our toes and drink from the cracked pipes, bloody rusty nourishment and filthy sustenance, our constant diet, our home.”


Two versions are available below – the original and then the alternate audio take for those who may be listening under less than optimum circumstances. Content is exactly the same.

Pseudopod 230: Girls Gone Insane

Girls Gone Insane

by John Jasper Owens

It came in the mail, a little package like Netflix uses, but white cardboard. Grass stain on the back along with a deep scratch, the address handwritten and smudged, like it had been handed off in the rain. No return address, postmarked Maine.

A DVD. No note, no explanation. A hand-written label read “Girls Gone Insane 16” in blocky felt-tip writing.

Pseudopod 229: On Being Mandy

On Being Mandy

by Sandra M. Odell

Mandy Adams noticed her face peeling off while coloring her hair Monday evening. She leaned over the sink for a closer look at the small flap of skin on the upper right corner of her forehead. She slipped off one of the plastic gloves and gingerly touched it with the tip of a finger; it was thicker than she expected, almost rubbery. Surprisingly, touching it didn’t hurt; in fact, there was no sensation at all.

Mandy carefully took hold of the errant skin between her thumb and index finger and gave a slight tug. It pulled away enough to reveal a hard off-white surface below the edge of her hairline, smooth and cool to the touch like plastic. No blood, no viscera; the revealed underside was the fresh pink of new skin. “What the hell. . .?”

Pseudopod 228: Flash On The Borderlands VII – Tableaux & Displays

Show Notes

Three Flash Fictions of Still-Lives, Voyeurism and Exhibitions

(a regular “Night Gallery”, if you will…)

“Hunting” is a PseudoPod original

“What Makes You Tick” was originally printed in War of the Worlds: Frontlines and the text can be found here:

“Pageant Girls” was originally published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #42


By Kirsty Logan

There was only one inner door, so the hunter opened it. He held his candle at arm’s length, but still could see nothing more than the foot of an ocean-sized bed. The hunter crawled across its length, disregarding the brief waft of mold from the blankets. He placed the candlestick on the squat table beside the bed and pulled the covers up over his body. (Continue Reading…)