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Pseudopod 227: Man Eat Man

By Mike Irwin

Click the link under his name to visit the daily updated serial story at his website “Fragments Of The Downtown”.

Read by Josh Roseman

“The Dumpster Kid is already recounting the tally behind Uncle Sam to make sure that there’s no foul play. When they finish the first vote, he puffs out his chest and in a slightly deeper voice says, ‘Now all those against.’ Again the two go competitively counting heads.

‘Sixteen for.’ Sam says

‘Sixteen against.’ The Kid corrects.

Look at that Corinne: your glass is half full, or half empty that is.

‘So do I shoot her?’ Miller asks.

Uncle Sam shrugs and says, ‘It’s a tie.’ Then she turns to face me, my fat head a dark, inhuman red as I struggle to keep the door closed against the increasing intensity of your attacks. ‘Shoot, only one who didn’t vote was you.’

And just like that, the rest of your life is in my hands.”

Pseudopod 226: The Sound Of Gears

By Ferrett Steinmetz

This story was originally published in The Edge of Propinquity.

Read by Bob Eccles

“Bit by bit, he took apart his wife’s
murderer, hammering the cracked windshield behind his desk like a strange
map, tacking the rubber hoses in snakelike trails around the room, carefully
nailing every gear and fanblade to each of the four walls until he sat at
his desk, surrounded by the guts of a dead car.

He took the key out of the ignition and kissed it, then hung it on a silver
chain around his neck.

‘Now,’ he said. ‘I am ready to begin.’

Pseudopod 225: Top Of The Heap

By Nathan Robinson.

His stories can be found online at Spinetinglers. This story originally appeared at The Dark Fiction Spotlight.

Read by Ben Phillips. Some guy… you may have heard of him.

I would be remiss if I didn’t provide a link to this

“I open my eyes and the dead smile back with bare teeth. In the fresh, sparse daylight I can see the bodies beneath me. I want to reach out and touch their faces, close their beseeching eyes. I recognize a few of them. Some I don’t, either through decomposition or the fact that I didn’t dump them here. Marcone has a lot of guys and a lot of enemies, so a few strangers sit down here with me.

The thought of food rumbles my stomach, making it ache. I keep my eyes up, away from the bodies, I look up the throat of the shaft, towards daylight, towards hope.”

Pseudopod 225 delayed (slightly)

The new episode of Pseudopod will be delayed slightly. Probably be up within 24 hours or so of the usual launch date/time. That is all.

— Shawn