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Pseudopod 218: Flash on the Borderlands V

Show Notes

“The Snow-White Heart” was originally published in Talebones #39, Winter 2009.

‘M’ Is for Manhattan and “Hoofprints in the Snow” are PseudoPod originals.


On the third day of Christmas, the Devil brought to me…

‘M’ Is for Manhattan

By A. Nathaniel Jones
Narrated by Ben Phillips

As I walk home, I hear crackling bones under my feet. I smile thinking of everyone who died so that I may have something to walk on. Every dead body built this city with whatever small pieces of themselves they left behind.

The Snow-White Heart

By Marie Brennan
Narrated by Ben Phillips

“Cut out her heart and bring it to me,” the queen said, and so the huntsman did. He brought no deer’s heart in its place, for the huntsman was loyal to his queen. He brought her the heart, and she ate of it, and the blood stained her lips like dye. Her wrinkled skin grew pale and smooth, her greying hair blackened, and she laughed as she finished the last bite.

Hoofprints in the Snow

By Nathaniel Tapley, writer-director of the free monthly podcast In the Gloaming
Narrated by Alasdair Stuart

Christmas used to be a day of church, nuts, tangerines and charades. Now it’s defrosted pre-stuffed boneless turkey joints, DVD box sets, and crippling debt. I had to take a stand.