Pseudopod 125: The Interview

By M.C. Norris

M.C. Norris is a bestselling author of six novels in dark speculative fiction, all traditionally published through Severed Press, in addition to numerous short stories. For a closer look at his brand of weird fiction, visit

Read by Dani Cutler

“With eight years property management experience under your belt, I really see no reason to fax over your resume. Tell you what, I’m wide open this morning. I need to run an errand, pick up a few things for the interview, but why don’t you just come on down to Grisholm’s Corporate Towers and we’ll have a quick chat?”

“Right now? I mean … sure, I’d love to meet with you. But what time were you thinking?”

“I’m thinking eleven o’clock. And when you get here, Becky, just come on down to the basement. I’ll be waiting.”