Pseudopod 124: Scavenger

By Jonathan Kuhn
Read by Alasdair Stuart.

Sponsored by CONTAGIOUS, by Scott Sigler.

No end in sight. He tossed aside the empty water bottle, now useless.
One bottle left. Two more liters. But in this heat, that wouldn’t
last long.

Maybe if he could pace himself. But he couldn’t. Because every
second he wasted, it was growing closer.

It moved slowly, awkwardly jerking itself forward with each step it
took. A moderate speed was enough to stay ahead of it. But the man
had to rest eventually. And it didn’t.

Sand slipped under his feet as he scaled the next dune. This one was
much steeper than the others, forcing him to rest halfway to the top.
Perhaps it, with its one arm and poor coordination, would not be able
to climb up. The top could mean safety. But this was only hopeful,
foolish thinking. He knew it would find a way up. It would not stop
until it had him.