Pseudopod 99: Photo Finish

By Adam La Rusic

Read by Cheyenne Wright

A painful kick to my shin woke me. Squinting against the harsh fluorescents
in the office, I bleared up to see Kim holding out my hat and coat.

“Come on, Gerry. It’s show time. Let’s ride,” she said.

The police scanner sputtered with the kind of staccato dialogue that
indicated something big was happening. I leaned forward and cranked the
volume, bowling over a collection of styrofoam coffee cups in the process.

“10-47. We’re going to need more units,” the scanner blurted. Hostage!
Cruisers headed to the area like swarming wasps. Every other news beat in
town monitored the police bandwidth and I bet they’d be clamoring at the bit
for this one. We had to get there fast.

“What’s going on?” I asked, accepting the hat and coat, forcing myself

“In the car,” she said.

“Hang on,” I said, but she didn’t. Grabbing my camera bag and checking my
battery supply, I took off after her.