PseudoPod 085: Living in Sepia

Living in Sepia

by D. Richard Pearce

“I saw the kids this morning,” he said suddenly, as if he knew it was on her mind. “They’re growing like weeds.”

“Yeah,” she nodded vaguely, dumping out the last of the birdseed, “William is just like you. He fell in the canal this morning.”

He laughed at this, and then started walking away toward the barn.

“You wanna come for dinner?” she called out after him, already knowing the answer.

“Cain’t,” he yelled back.

She stood there as he disappeared, then turned back to the doves. Some were coming out now, eyeing her warily as they pecked at her offering. Suddenly she heard squawks from the salt cedar brush, and saw a crow taking off, eggshell and a bloody squab hanging from its beak.