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WARNING: This is a podcast of horror fiction. The stories presented here are intended to disturb. They are likely to contain death, graphic violence, explicit sex (including sexual violence), hate crimes, blasphemy, or other themes and images that hook deep into your psyche. We do not provide ratings or content warnings. We assume by your listening that you wish to be disturbed for your entertainment. If there are any themes that you cannot deal with in fiction, that are too strongly personal to you, please do not listen.

Pseudopod is for mature audiences only. Hardly any story on Pseudopod is suitable for children. We mean this very seriously.

PseudoPod 466: Bad Newes from New England

by Moaner T. Lawrence.

“Bad Newes from New England” is original to Pseudopod – the story payment will be donated to RUNNING STRONG, a Native American charity.

in addition to being a regular contributor to the world’s largest horror publication, Rue Morgue: Horror In Culture & Entertainment (and a member of their Rue Crew), MOANER T. LAWRENCE is also a regular contributor to Germany’s largest horror publication, VIRUS. To date, his published works include several movie and book reviews, interviews with authors, actors, and other colorful individuals, as well as art and cultural articles pertaining to the genre. He has been listening to Pseudopod as of October of 2007, and in that time has come to dream that he might one day be worthy of riding the pod’s sacred sound waves before embarking on the rest of his fiction career.

Your narrator – Dave Robison’s voice work has appeared on audio fiction podcasts across the internet, including the Drabblecast, Starshipsofa, Tales to Terrify, and all the Escape Artist Podcasts. He’s been contracted – through his production company, Wonderthing Studios – to do the audiobook narration for Tim Ward’s novel “SCAVENGER: EVOLUTION” and Terry Irving’s “THE DAY OF THE DRAGON KING”. In addition to hosting the fabulous “Roundtable Podcast”, Dave has launched a new venture… Vex Mosaic, an e-zine featuring essays on culture and society through the lens of pop-culture media!


“This act of goodwill stirred great cheer in the people of New Plimouth and, with freshly raised spirits, they bade the Wampanoag enter; opened home and hearth in the spirit of God, and offered to share their modest bounty; whereupon the Wampanoag made entrance, each savage family pairing off with one of our own. I, Chief Massasoit, the chief’s bodyguards, Hobomok, Captain Standish, and Pastor Brewster removed to Mr. Allteron’s house in front of the corn fields. Two of the chief’s children also joined us: His eldest son Wamsutta, a man of twenty years who was often short of patience, and suspicious of all Europeans, and his gentle daughter Amie, a girl of sixteen years who was ever amicable toward everyone.

As we entered Allerton’s cottage, I had expected to greet Mr. Billngton’s wife as she was to be our matron for the festival, however Goody Winslow stood in her place by the fire looking quite haggard and overworked. I inquired of Goody Billington’s whereabouts, whereupon Dr. Fuller quietly informed me that Mr. Billington had died a short while ago, as well as the vexing news that Captain Standish had known of this and had not seen fit to inform me. The captain begged pardon, and insisted that, though he had learned of Billington’s passing, he did not wish to interrupt the proceedings. Wishing not to spoil the festivities I held my peace, whereupon our guests removed took their places at the tables outside, whilst the women set to their proper places preparing supper. I informed Chief Massasoit of the recent losses from our peace party, and the satchem spoke in admonishment, stating that he had warned us not to trust the Massachusetts, but that he was not a little overjoyed to hear of Squanto’s passing; accusing him of being a trouble maker, and stating that if the Massachusetts had not killed Squanto, the chief may have very well done so himself. Amie, unlike her father, had been fond of Squanto. News of his death, caused her much distress. At length supper was prepared, and we soon found our table set with a cornucopia of delights: Cheate bread, butter, salt, a selection of fruits and cheeses, a few boiled lobster which I prayed with all sincerity the chief would not be insulted by, indian corn, fowl, deer, pompion pottage, and apple cider. We joined hands, and Pastor Brewster led us in grace, zealously giving thanks to God almighty for being on land, the generous bounty that He, and our savage neighbors, had bestowed upon us, and, that if it be His will, that the Lord continue to look after us and to help propagate our colony to fruition.”


PseudoPod 465: Saturday

by Evan Dicken.

“Saturday” was first published in the September issue of Shock Totem, this is the first time it’s been reprinted.

Evan Dicken’s work has recently been appeared in: The Lovecraft eZine, Analog, and Daily Science Fiction, and he has stories forthcoming from publishers such as: Unlikely Story and Chaosium. His website is here.

Your narrator – Mikael Naramore – is the narrator of over 100 audiobook titles (and counting…) from authors including Clive Barker, Wesley Chu, Mark E. Cooper, and Ramez Naam. His website is here.


“The city slept, unmindful of the doom creeping toward it at 61.38 meters per year.”


PseudoPod 464: Fear

by Sandra Odell

“Who we are as a child defines who we will become as an adult, and never so much so as when we are afraid.”

“Fear” is a PseudoPod Original.

Sandra lives with her husband, sons, and cats in Washington state. Her work has appeared in such venues as Pseudopod, PodCastle, The Drabblecast, Crossed Genres, and Daily Science Fiction. She is currently hard at work plotting her second novel. Or world domination. Whichever comes first.

Your narrator – Patrick “The Voice” Bazile was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Patrick has voiced everything from PSA’s to major product brand commercials and movie trailers to documentaries. With a deep, commanding voice often referred to as “The Voice of God” Patrick demands attention.


“I hear something downstairs. Denny, you go down the basement and check the door. Make sure it’s locked tight.”

Dennell Baker clutched the doorframe beneath the latch until he could feel his pulse in his fingertips. “Sorry. What?”

The realtor in her sensible blue pantsuit and blued hair, what his mother used to call “old white lady church hair”, paused. “I wondered if we could go downstairs and –”

That’s what he’d thought she’d said. “No.”


Pseudopod 463: Favors From Hell

by Zachary T. Owen

“Favors From Hell” is featured in Zachary’s new book from Grindhouse Press, Burn Down The House And Everyone In It.

ZACHARY T. OWEN is the author of BEAUTIES IN THE DEEP and BURN DOWN THE HOUSE AND EVERYONE IN IT. His work has been featured in many print and online magazines. Sometimes he uses a pen name. He is a resident of Pennsylvania. He grew up on Sega Genesis and horror films. You can find him on Twitter.

Your narrator – Misty Dawn describes herself as part warrior and part pacifist, owing to her Comanche and Cherokee heritage. She credits her mother with encouraging her two greatest loves: music and horror, and H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King with teaching her to embrace the darkest corners of her imagination, and to coax those things living within to come out and play. She hopes to create a YouTube channel and is working on redesigning her blog, Deadtime Musings, from Dusk to Misty Dawn, to include short stories of horror, both real and imagined as well as poetry and lyrics, also of a dark nature. A Navy brat who grew up abroad, she settled in San Francisco, attending UC Berkeley, where she received a BA in Drama/Communications.


When I was eight years old I choked on the smoke from my Uncle’s cigar as he drove me to the toy store. My two year old brother slept soundly, buckled into his child safety seat in the back of Ernie’s Desoto.

‘Before we get there I need a favor,’ Ernie said, his mouth wide and his eyes staring at my blouse. He pulled off the road and stopped the car in an alley. ‘It will only take a minute, just you see,’ he promised. He leaned back in his seat and let out a long breath. His cigar smoke filled the car and my lungs.

He was right. It didn’t take long.